Sunday, January 18, 2009

Meeting New People

It's always such a joy to meet someone new and instantly "click". I believe the feeling of immediate "comfort" is experienced when meeting someone new, happens when you've known that person in a previous lifetime.

A friend of mine "Terri" posted the story of how we met on her blog a couple of weeks ago.

In the spirit of sharing such stories that celebrate the beginning of friendship, I'd like to write a bit about Silvia. Silvia and I met at a metaphysical event, I was selling my jewelry. From the moment I saw her and her family, I knew there was something special about her. I turned to the vendor next to me, an interesting older man named "Ethan". Talk about meeting phenomenal people...I'll have to write about him someday. Anyhoo...I turned to Ethan and pointed Silvia out to him. I said, "look at that woman, isn't she beautiful!". He nodded and went on ranting about how his silks weren't Silvia and her adorable family approached my table. When they did, I observed Silvia as she was strongly attracted to a necklace that I had made with an Egyptian Eye of Horus pendant.

She gave her husband a "buy my that" look, made an indecisive smirk, browsed a few other items and was on her way to the next vendor. Something powerful told me, that necklace belonged to her...she needed to have it, and I wanted her to have it. As she strolled by about a half hour later, I called her over and told her that I wasn't sure why, but she was meant to have the necklace and I wanted to gift it to her. She was modestly resistant at first, "Oh, I can't", "let me pay for it". I insisted that it was a gift for her and after a few minutes of modesty, she graciously accepted.

Silvia and I have been friends since that day. Turns out, that not only is Silvia a beautiful person, she's gifted and blessed with metaphysical and spiritual talents.

You can read more about Silvia

Not only is Silvia a Medium Clairvoyant, she is a certified Aromatherapist.

I highly recommend Heavenly Scent.

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  1. What a beautiful post! Thanks so much for mentioning me and my blog!